Learning The Crafts

Updated: Mar 24

A few years ago I went online with my art and craft content. i tried for a long time to make a go of my interests. Hoping someone would want to connect and hear about it. I was wrong with a big feeling i was stupid. But now suddenly Im getting a spark of interest. Do you feel your making a mess of something online? How ever big your mistake it will make you learn. It will make you clearer to what your personal recipe is. Changing and rediscovering and so on. Mistakes are important in the creative process. In the past I've had a terrible website, a very empty facebook group. But having and scrapping them was the best decision I ever made. I saw my flaws and mistakes. And my mistakes have made me learn. I have a eye problem that distorts my writing process when I try to put it on the page. I hate the way I sound out loud in the spoken word so typing it out to me is a better alternative. But with all the stress of my errors. I am clearer on the page, when I separate it from the stress I feel due to the problem. I let myself wallow in it for a long time. But now I see mistakes are of key importance in my journey. It can get mentally tiring having to use a glarey pc and remembering the full content of a written document. Do not put your creativity in the same category as stress. It makes it too hard. For everyone successful or otherwise, life and creativity is a work in progress. And everyones recipe, by which i mean personal content, is different. Individual to that person.

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