My Start With Colouring

Updated: Mar 24

A lot of people who have taken a fancy to art have said art is my favourite pass time. It can resonate into the possibility to making a living from it. I've toyed with it for years and have done classes and home crafts, the idea of colouring books I could never understand. It seemed to me there was nothing of your own behind another person's drawing. My problem went back to the old stylised idea of being a specialist in a particular medium. A long stay in hospital changed my outlook. In long hours of boredom waiting for medication to work. I was gifted with an adult colouring book. My first, it was Inklings by Christine Lovatt. I started colouring with sadly over used basic textas. It was colouring to pass the time and keep my head down while I waited for my health to improve. Confined in a small space with strangers felt clostraphobic. But the more I coloured the more my understanding of techniques of using colour have improved. It was fun and good therapy. During all the years I’ve had health issues. It started cancelling out the focus on my health. Just the activity alone was a strategy for my health. It aided in my getting well. And I would highly recommend it. It was therapy when I was very depressed and wondering about my future. My greatest tip for colouring any page is enjoy it, dont be disappointed in its outcome. Be spontainious, its the best part.

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