Short Fiction Story "the creatures in mum's kitchen"

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Here over twenty years on, I decided to revisit one of my childhood journals. It included my family firstly, my frizzy haired mother who called her hair the birdcage. My lovable father, one who made my mind grow and expand to include the impossible. My two sisters, one I idolized for her style the other who extended her love of books. And my grandmother who smelled of old socks. And the house we lived was quaint with 4 bedrooms a big open lounge, a terrace, modest kitchen and bathroom. A house where I lived all the time I was growing up. All of them are all in my journals with stories about each. My first entry in my journal. sat was raining I had been sitting staring out the glass door. Beneath the sound of the rain on the glass thee were sounds like a window cleaner sliding down the glass doors. The glass was quite clear but with long flourescent coloured streaks running up and down. I stood looking at the glass door staring out. But the more I stared, I seemed to see something in those streaks, ghostly images of little green squashed faces. Sliding down the glass grinning like mad and seemed to be sliding down it for fun. I became rather obsessed with those streaks over the next few days. But they seemed to stop with the rain. One day in my grandmothers room. I caught a tricksy pixie collecting a stash of valuables from the house. Putting and hiding them in a pillow case in my grandmothers bottom drawer. He had a little up turned ears and nose, deep blue eyes and was dressed in a little green tuxedo. My grandmother had drawers of lacey hankies, hair rollers, silver handled hairbrushes, all exceptionally interesting to the little creature. My eldest sister had her own room and was full of clothes nail polishes and magazines. One day during hide and seek under the bed with my sister. I fell asleep. Probably just left and ignored because mum made her play with me. When I woke up a pretty female wood elves no taller than my knees were swarming all over the room and dressing up in her clothes. I had been there so long I was blamed for making a mess. But it didnt matter they were always returned cleaned and ironed as I found out wood elves are very thoughtful creatures. I was actually congradulated a few times how well I did this. Of course it was not me who cleaned up. My other sister and I had a sectioned off room, half was mine, half was hers. Her love of books and all her interesting knowledge intrigued me. Her half of the room smelled like you walked into a library and she recommended books I'd like to read. My mothers clothing unlike my sisters held blue velvet suits fake fur coats, and rockabily skirts. The real secret in that room lay in my mothers dresser drawer. It held beautiful coloured stones all shined by a little leprechaun. Who I met in the room when I opened the drawer. He was a angry little man and he slammed it shut on my fingers. Many a time I opened it, and he banged my fingers with a little hammer. The potted plant that snaked up and attatched itself up and around the wall. Once every so often a tendril hanging from it tried to grab you. Either way you ended up with it around your neck with slimy suckers biting your ears. It was important to treat the bites with old paste remedies that smelled awful. The living room held long bookcases of books. Take out the right one and often you could see a little door where tiny stout little elfin people with long pointed ears lived. Often staying and looking long enough you'd see the door open and slam shut. Other books would fall out of the bookcase all by themselves. Obviously pushed out by a little elfin person when they were coming in and out the doors. My mother and father thought it was trains shaking the place so they fell on the floor. Only my grandmother believed me that the little people lived within the walls. As for the bathroom if the mirror fogged up you could see ghostly images of long haired banshees screaming with the sound of the running water. While I was showering little elfin people liked to play water slides along the floor. In the kitchen, the cutlery were of wonder to a little boggart. And hob goblins stole the forks to assist brownies with spinning and shoemaking. Certain things were always found around the house, egg whisks, can openers, and tongs. Stand in the walk in pantry and turn the chutney a quarter turn clockwise and snap. The jars and foods disappeared. The shelves folded in on each other and you were in another room. Quite scary really the hundreds of tiny bottles holding everything from snakes to bats wings. There were corked bottles, preserving jars, and alchemists scales, The room reached higher than a 30 foot ceiling. Ladders rolling around the front of the shelves. I liked to think this was the store cupboard of the wicked witch of the west. As I couldn't imagine anything more evil at that age. I actually never knew who the room belonged to. The cupboards full of crockery, plates, bowls, were littered with crumbs from an occassional elfin who liked to snack in there. He liked toast mainly. Or soup stolen from my mothers home made pea and ham soup pot. The fridge was inhabited by Mr Frost and he froze the fingers of someone not supposed to be poking in there. He had a long nose with a icicle hanging from it. And a pointy finger that reached out for your nose when you opened the freezer. He never left as some of the other many familys in our house hibernated or moved between outside and inside. The tremendous height of the ceiling was always flittered with light. The fireflys always hanging around glowing lighting the room. There were many old storys about all these creatures but none were as mean as believed in myth. But many different creature familys warred between each other. And they were always on the lookout for pandora our cat with sharp claws. Always on alert to catch a little creature. And the dog Mr Bates a bloodhound who would step on them being clumsy. And was very loud which they hated. The sand man captured bad dreams and the boogeyman gave you bad ones. Both lived under my bed. I lost my front tooth, and the toothfairy left me a big one dollar coin. The sandman said they were very good friends. Suddenly one day she stopped leaving me coins for my teeth. The sandman was very upset and said she ran off in love with the boogeyman. He was a rebellious type a devilishly looking man and she fell for him. The sandman did not show up again for quite a while and I started having bad dreams. The sandman was a pointy bearded bald headed little man. With a pointy hat with stars and a long coat down to his knees all sparkly blue satin. The boogeyman a pointy eared black haired man in a black tuxedo with a big red tie and red ribbon belt. I never heard from the tooth fairy or boogeyman again. The thing I remember watching the most, was in the distance from the back yard, sitting in a field full of long pollenated grass. I could see a hill there was a house at the very top but only when it was grey and raining could you see shadows of blue harpies, huge clawed creatures with wings out in the storm. Tormenting the old couple who lived there. Meanwhile faeries would float down with the drops of rain. When it stopped the grass was full of faeries surrounding me. There was a dam nearby. Hobgoblins that lived in the dam deep looked back at you when you peer in at your reflection in the rippling water. The faeries were fantastic gatherers of fruit and nuts. Often in the bushland nearby we went searching for berries but every time the bushes had been scoured clean. There was one fruit though on the crab apple tree little beings lived inside the fruit. They bit you when you went to pick them. I nicknamed them the crab apple sprites because they had transparent little wings as well. The little leprechauns that lived outside would often be spotted in the open fields carrying there toadstool houses around to different spots. They liked making new family settlements as more leprechaun familys grew. All the creatures regularly held partys and they would dance to tiny fiddles, whistles and pipes until midnight and after. With the field lit with little matchsticks, stuck in the ground burning. The festivities lasted the same time as the matches burned. I watched hours into the night from the tree behind the house. My parents often were very worried were I was. When it rained it was flooded with the leprechauns racing around trying to find the spot the rainbows ended. Eventually children nearby discovered the creatures and would catch buy sell and trade them in cruel ways. I considered myself the saviour and for hours search for the traps and sabotaged them. I tried taking some photos of my sightings but they always came back blank just a picture of scrub land. The noisiest goblin was very annoying. When my favourite tv show I dream of Jeanie was on and he would swing and whistle out of tune to irritate me. So I spent my time throwing rocks at him. But I wasnt a good shot and he'd jump around cackling with laughter. On one side of the house a half buried tractor rusting away sat in the earth. I found inside the business the elfin creatures ran by stealing my mothers stockings used for elfin clothing. Little creatures had there shop inside setout where the empty motor was and a workroom for making there shoes spinning and weaving. I was walking home from school one day and a little pixie fell from a tree into my bag and started playing with my paintbox, school books and report card. I got into major trouble. Mum thinking I was hiding my grades as paint was all over the grade numbers. Sadly thats were my journal ended. There was a big moon drawn on the cover of my book. I supposed it all disappeared as I grew up. The book was full of little sketches of each creature. The end dated Feburary 1993. A year it all stopped for more grown up times.

Written by Samantha Jane Findlay

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